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Know Your K-Pop Group: WINNER

Formed in 2013 by YG Entertainment through an Mnet survival program ‘WIN: Who Is Next’  and a debut release that earned them the title of “Monster Rookies”, WINNER (위너) originally a 5-member group, now has 4 multi-talented members: Yoon (Seungyoon), Jinu (Jinwoo), Hoony (Seunghoon) and Mino (Song Min Ho). Debut Date: August 17, 2014 Debut Album (EP): “2014 S/S ” Debut Single: …



Back again with your weekly comeback guide for the last week of March, with a lot of releases to gush on about ranging from delightful pop singles to subtle rock to dope hiphop tracks! Excited?  Let’s get straight into it 😉   1. Oneus- ‘A Song Written Easily’ A buffet of visuals and eargasmic vocals! The beginning …


K-Pop Songs For Your Daily Dose Of Motivation

  “Don’t downgrade your dream just to fit your reality, upgrade your conviction to match your destiny.” We all have a fair share of days when we feel like staying in bed all day and do nothing, when we feel we’re not good enough and no matter how hard we try we won’t make it. …


Desi Weekly Comeback Guide – 12

Annyeong all K-POP & Hallyu fans! How’s Christmas season treating y’all?! We are finally back with the “Desi Weekly Comeback Guide – 12” where we will talk about all the great releases of this past week! We tried writing individual articles for each comeback but meh, it just didn’t have the right feel – y’know? …