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Bullying accusation
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Korean Entertainment Industry Swarmed With School Bullying Allegations- Here’s A Detailed Articulation Of All The Accused Public Figures

Trigger warning the following content ahead might be sensitive to younger audiences. The past months were full of overt accusations and speculations over the involvement of many celebrities in school violence. To know the intricacies of the matter, here is a list of all the celebrities that were and have been accused of school violence. …


CHUU Of LOONA Greets Fans In Hindi!

Poster Image credits: Loona_Soulpture   CHUU of LOONA just shook our hearts with her cute greeting in Hindi. She greeted fans in Hindi at the K-CON:TACT 2020 Summer. It was aired live on MNET’s YouTube channel. Watch the video here : Even when greeting in Hindi, she first said, “Han Dul Set”, similar to …


Desi Wear Edition Of Dressing Up As K-Pop Albums!

As the world grapples with lockdowns due to the coronavirus, the K-Pop fans started a new safe trend to keep themselves busy. K-Pop which is characterized by its concepts, fashion, makeup, addictive dance choreography, etc makes it a fun experience for the fans and the fans found a way to honor their favorite bands and …