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CHUU Of LOONA Greets Fans In Hindi!

Poster Image credits: Loona_Soulpture   CHUU of LOONA just shook our hearts with her cute greeting in Hindi. She greeted fans in Hindi at the K-CON:TACT 2020 Summer. It was aired live on MNET’s YouTube channel. Watch the video here : Even when greeting in Hindi, she first said, “Han Dul Set”, similar to …


Desi Wear Edition Of Dressing Up As K-Pop Albums!

As the world grapples with lockdowns due to the coronavirus, the K-Pop fans started a new safe trend to keep themselves busy. K-Pop which is characterized by its concepts, fashion, makeup, addictive dance choreography, etc makes it a fun experience for the fans and the fans found a way to honor their favorite bands and …


WEEKLY COMEBACK GUIDE (12th March- 18th March)

Everything you need to know about your favourite K-Artists and K-pop groups’ comeback. Without further ado, let’s dive in, shall we 🙂 1. 8ight’s BAEKCHAN – ‘BAEKCHAN 01’ When you are a musical prodigy under BigHit Label (BigHit Entertainment and Source Music) you create the genius of an album, no questions asked. One-third of the …