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“KPOPELLA” In Bangalore Shocks Samsung!

Last month, on July 19th, the IndHangul team, a KPOP and KDRAMA interest group based in Bangalore, organized a fun activity-filled event named “KPOPELLA”. The fest saw a huge response from the KPOP and KDRAMA fans in Bangalore. Samsung Opera House was the venue for their event. All in all, the event was a huge success …

KPOP Contest 2019
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K-POP Contest 2019 – A Guide

Yes, it’s finally upon us. The mega event every K fan waits patiently (impatiently) in India. An event that allows them to showcase their talent with a K twist. Boys and girls the K-POP contest 2019 is here! Korean culture centre India in association with LG has announced details like cities for regional round, admins, …