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VAV In Delhi : Fans’ Review + Exclusive Pictures

KPOP High India was invited for Delhi show coverage by the gracious host Kiwa whom we would like to thank and congratulate for bringing VAV in India and completing successful shows in both cities, Delhi and Imphal. After much buzz finally, the popular South Korean boy group that has made waves overseas landed in India followed …

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VAV in India [Press Conference]

The South Korean boy group VAV finally landed in India on 29th May midnight at Delhi Airport which was witnessed by them trending on twitter India with hashtags #NamsteyVAV and #VAVinIndia. Yesterday, the 30th May, a press conference was organised by Kiwa Consultants and Korean Cultural Centre India at KCCI Delhi. It was a small, …

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LUCENTE Debut + India Tour!

Let’s skip the formalities because I am severely fangirling right now! After a series of interesting teasers that included individual intro posters and Voice teasers, LUCENTE made a fantastic Debut on 18th September with the group’s first EP “The Big Dipper.” The group has been in pre debut stage for years and were to debut …

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Our very own “Wanna One” crew!

The gang that killed it with their synchronization, the winners of the K-Pop Contest India 2018, Dance Category *drrrrum rollssss* We Are Family Crew! We got to sit with them and learn a few things; Did you know they have represented India in the Hip-Hop International Dance Offs placing 4th globally?! 😍 Well here’s an #Exclusive …

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EXO-L Anniversary Celebration in India

“India is very Diverse.” “It’s tough to show our strength as K-Pop fans, because we’re all so far apart.” “I bet am the only one that listens to K-Pop in my city.” “Will our Idols ever know we’re not small in number?” “If there’s something in my city only then i will go.” As a …