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Indian EXO-L’s Birthday Project for Chen

On the 21st of September, it was EXO‘s lead vocalist Chen‘s birthday. Chen, also known as Kim Jongdae, turned 28 years old (according to his international age) and EXO-Ls all around the world celebrated the special occasion in numerous different ways. @ex9dus on Instagram, an Indian fanbase for EXO, decided to take the celebrations to …



CHECKMATE (체크메이트) is a 5 member co-ed group under Grace Company Entertainment, who captured the hearts of international fans even before they debuted. The group’s name suggests that fans won’t be able to escape from their charms the same way a king can’t escape in the game of chess after a checkmate. The members are …


Know Your K-Band: ONEWE

ONEWE (원위) is a 5 member self-formed Korean alternative rock band that originally debuted in 2015 with the name MAS 0094 (Make A Sound 0094) under Modern Music but later moved to RBW entertainment in 2017. They officially re-debuted with RBW in 2019 and the name ONEWE. The members are Younghoon, Harin, Kanghyun, Dongmyeong and …