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Bullying accusation
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Korean Entertainment Industry Swarmed With School Bullying Allegations- Here’s A Detailed Articulation Of All The Accused Public Figures

Trigger warning the following content ahead might be sensitive to younger audiences. The past months were full of overt accusations and speculations over the involvement of many celebrities in school violence. To know the intricacies of the matter, here is a list of all the celebrities that were and have been accused of school violence. …


TWICE’s Indian Fandom Gets Their Own Banner In Seoul

The award-winning Dongdaemun Design Plaza is situated in the heart of Seoul. Known for its Neo-Futuristic Architecture, making it a hub for Instagrammable posts and quintessential Korean fashion, the Plaza saw a new installation this month.  The installation in question, is a banner all the way across the ocean from India, made possible by @twicefandomindia …

GOT7's Pre-Release Track 'Breath' Trends In India

GOT7’s Pre-Release Track ‘Breath’ Trends In India

JYP Entertainment’s internationally renowned boy group, GOT7 on 23rd November 2020 released a sweet pre-release track titled ‘Breath’ before the upcoming release of their new album, ‘Breath of Love: Last Piece’, which instantly grabbed the #3 spot on Worldwide iTunes Songs Chart and even became the highest-charting song on iTunes US Charts by a JYP Entertainment group …