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TWICE’s Indian Fandom Gets Their Own Banner In Seoul

The award-winning Dongdaemun Design Plaza is situated in the heart of Seoul. Known for its Neo-Futuristic Architecture, making it a hub for Instagrammable posts and quintessential Korean fashion, the Plaza saw a new installation this month.  The installation in question, is a banner all the way across the ocean from India, made possible by @twicefandomindia …

GOT7's Pre-Release Track 'Breath' Trends In India

GOT7’s Pre-Release Track ‘Breath’ Trends In India

JYP Entertainment’s internationally renowned boy group, GOT7 on 23rd November 2020 released a sweet pre-release track titled ‘Breath’ before the upcoming release of their new album, ‘Breath of Love: Last Piece’, which instantly grabbed the #3 spot on Worldwide iTunes Songs Chart and even became the highest-charting song on iTunes US Charts by a JYP Entertainment group …