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Chanyeol Birthday Project By Indian EXOLs

The heartthrob of millions Park Chan-Yeol lovingly referred to as Loey by his adoring fans (EXOLs), the member of EXO celebrated his 29th Birthday on 27th November. Park Chanyeol is a Rapper, Singer, songwriter, and producer who debuted in 2012 with the South Korean Boy-Band EXO. EXOLs across the globe have celebrated the birthday of …


Indian Fans of Stray Kids & KARD Are Rising!

K-pop concerts in India is no more a dream but a reality that to a successful one! With new companies stepping up like NAMAS-K, Kiwa India and veteran ones like Pink Box Entertainment the buzz of who can come next is on fire! From companies, to middle management to fans everyone is trying to acquire …