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Jackson wang

Jackson Wang & His Love For India

I can vouch for everyone when i say that, there’s not a single soul who would come across him and not be in awe! Jackson Wang celebrated his 25th birthday on March 28th with millions of fans around the world sending their heartfelt wishes. He is one of the 7 members of the K-Pop Boy …

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Bend it like Chhetri in Mizoram + KPOP!!

Not sure what I’m on about from the title? Here’s another clue, “Olee ole oleeee… olee olee” — alright, I’ll stop acting like I’m a religious football fan. This is about the Independence Cup 2018 football tournament held by LG ( ARMY’s liking this already ? 😉 ) in Mizoram! INDEPENDENCE CUP 2018 NO, RELAX …