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ENHYPEN iTunes #1

iTunes India Welcomed The Temptation of Blood And Carnage Of ENHYPEN’s ‘Border: Carnival’ With #1 Charting

ENHYPEN‘s 2nd mini-album ‘Border: Carnival’ topped iTunes album charts in a total of 26 different countries – Japan, Taiwan, Mexico, Russia, Philippines, etc. while the title track “Drunk–Dazed” also topped iTunes’s song charts in 14 different countries across the globe (at the time of writing). [NEWS] #ENHYPEN, ‘4th Gen Hot Icon' sweeps iTunes #1 for top album …


Best K-Pop Debuts Of 2020 | #KHIGHRewind

A multitude of young teenagers sacrifice the conventional route to become an idol trainee. Out of those, only a hundred few see the light of debut. The number of debuts in the K-Pop industry has increased significantly since the 90s, simulating a Hunger Games to stand out like no other. 2020 brought with it a …