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Korean Hip-Hop Legends MFBTY To Perform Exclusively For Indian Fans On Rolling Stone India | Virtual Concert

Korean hip-hop legends MFBTY is performing live on Rolling Stone India’s #ArtistsWFH series!  This Friday, Rolling Stone India will be joined by Tiger JK (@drunkentigerjk), Yoon Mirae and Bizzy (@bizzionary) for a special edition of #ArtistsWFH. They will be taking over Rolling Stone India’s Instagram stories for the entire day before going live.   MFBTY, …

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All The K-Pop Artists That Performed In India – 2019

For those of us who are staying at home currently and doing our part in protecting ourselves and those near and dear to us, there is much to do for entertainment. One of those things is looking back and reliving some amazing moments of the past. Today, let’s go by the amazing K-idols who visited India in the past year.

#1 IN2IT and AleXa

We started off with the ‘snapshot’ singers IN2IT way back in the heat of April. They wowed fans with their surprising affinity to Bollywood at their Mumbai concert, along with upcoming soloist AleXa, who released a new song ‘Do or Die’ this month.  Fans were thrilled to see the sextet dance and sing to their famous tracks like ‘2U’, ‘Paradise’ and ‘Be Bop Baby’ along with fantastic covers of BTS, GOT7, EXO and even western artists such as Shawn Mendes, but the Highlight of the night was their collaborative performance with AleXa to the iconic ‘Bole Chudiya’.


#2 VAV

Vamps were super excited to find out that their ultimate k-pop dream was coming true when A Team entertainment’s VAV announced their India tour back in May 2019. Starting off with a ‘Namaste’ at their meet and greet in Delhi and ‘vaving’ the crowds with ‘Thrilla Killa’ moves, vocals and rap at the two locations of Delhi and Imphal. You can also watch their India vlogs on their official youtube:


The four-member co-ed group graced the stage in the capital city of New Delhi and the city of Guwahati in the month of July last year. Everyone knows that India is a land of bops and Kard was here for it, with member J.Seph being a huge fan of Bollywood music, it wasn’t a surprise when they gave us an impeccable rendition of hit Indian song ‘bom diggy diggy’. Hiddens went ‘oh nana’ when they were finished and hoped the concert never ends.

#4 Jang Hanbyul

The former lead singer of LEDApple took the stage in three North-eastern cities in the month of July. He was met with a packed audience and much excitement through the shows. Along with Korean songs, he enthralled the crowd with a cover of Bruno Mars’ ‘When I was your Man’ and popular Bollywood song ‘Rabatta’.

Credits: Arleng Lads on youtube

#5 M.O.N.T

With a successful pre-debut concert back in 2018, Mont decided to come back to India a second time! This time along with Mumbai, Bangalore enjoyed a hit from the Hallyu wave. The trio lit up the stage with their cover of BTS’s ‘Boy with luv’ along with performing their songs like ‘Will you be my girlfriend’  while dancing within the crowd!

#6 Dabit

Dimapur’s Kaleidoscope has seen many great artists and last year they took notice of the K-Pop fans from all over Nagaland and granted their wish. David Kim aka Dabit isn’t new to the Indian scene, with a meet and greet in Bangalore three years ago.

Watch our Exclusive Interview with Dabit here:

#7 Must B and LiveYubin

The Hornbill festival or the festival of festivals is a prestigious event that takes place in Nagaland every year from Dec 1st to Dec 10th. Last year for the musical leg they decided to invite K-pop rookie group MustB and artist LiveYubin. The group performed their debut song ‘I want you’ accompanied with solo performances followed by LiveYubin’s melodic songs that the crowd cheerfully sang along to. There was a supririse birthday event too for the solo artist as the crowd sang ‘Happy Birthday’ in Korean.

Credits: Theja jaja Ziephrü on Youtube


This is the perfect time to refresh yourself at home, try some fun things that you’ve always wanted and most importantly if you leave home, keep washing your hands and stay sanitized. Let’s all work in these unfortunate circumstances together for a better tomorrrow and more K-pop Concerts!


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VAV In Delhi : Fans’ Review + Exclusive Pictures

KPOP High India was invited for Delhi show coverage by the gracious host Kiwa whom we would like to thank and congratulate for bringing VAV in India and completing successful shows in both cities, Delhi and Imphal. After much buzz finally, the popular South Korean boy group that has made waves overseas landed in India followed …

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VAV in India [Press Conference]

The South Korean boy group VAV finally landed in India on 29th May midnight at Delhi Airport which was witnessed by them trending on twitter India with hashtags #NamsteyVAV and #VAVinIndia. Yesterday, the 30th May, a press conference was organised by Kiwa Consultants and Korean Cultural Centre India at KCCI Delhi. It was a small, …