21st September is going to be a beautiful day for all the EXOLs out there. Chen will be turning 28! And to celebrate this beautiful day EX9DUS has come up with a 4 day project which is quite an eye catcher.

Check them out on https://instagram.com/ex9dus?igshid=1cob2dnwhhpj1

A series of activities like fan arts, covering his song, fan letters or poems, dressing up like chen and also writing his name creatively! A lot has been added to the list so that every Exol can shower their love to this amazing vocalist.

You can DM EX9DUS on instagram if you’ve got any queries.

So EXOLs, what are you waiting for! Get ready to contribute your bit to Chen and make is birthday the most memorable of all. Because, he deserves it ☺️