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Korean Horror Movie 'Peninsula' Review

Korean Horror Movie ‘Peninsula’ Review

If you’re into Korean movies you would’ve been very excited to watch the sequel to the iconic 2016 movie Train to Busan. Warning: Contain spoilers for ‘Train to Busan’ and ‘Peninsula’.   Peninsula is the journey of a soldier who travels back to the South Korean peninsula, four years after it is almost wiped out …

Korean Drama Start Up

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Start-Up

This year Dramaworld has given us an abundance of gritty, nail-biting, heart fluttering, terrifying and dramatic shows, keeping us busy during the pandemic. Start-Up is one such show that leaves you with a craving for more at the end of each episode. Written by Park Hye-Ryun (Dream High, Pinocchio) and directed by Oh Choong-Hwan (my …


Korean Horror Movies For Your Halloween 2020 Binge!

Halloween is just around the corner and I’d easily say this is one of my favourite holidays. Being fed with a smorgasbord of horror movies and TV shows to binge-watch, recounting scary encounters, lots and lots of candy and most importantly dressing up! Although traditionally celebrated in America, it has spread across the globe because …