WILD KARD In India Is Finally Happening! [KARD India Tour]

After the announcement of “Summer Star tour” with Jang Hanbyul. Event company Pink Box Events teased about IInd Act where they announced the return of group MONT and earlier today they dropped the final ACT – WILD KARD in India Tour!

Fans were quick to take on twitter, trending KARD, hashtags #WILDKARDinIndia & #KARDinIndia on number 6 in India trends.

Not long before we released an article talking about Hiddens (KARD fans) in India and their rise, seems like the companies have been keeping tab and we are so happy that fans’ efforts have been taken into consideration.

KARD is set to come in the month of July, further information is still awaited.

Stay tuned for regular updates!

17 thoughts on “WILD KARD In India Is Finally Happening! [KARD India Tour]

  1. I’m seriously very happy . Pls it’s an request Kard should come to Kolkata . We kolkata fans are very excited . Pls make sure that kolkata is in the list .

  2. Hi. Organizer. I want to know details of WILDKARD tour India . E.G. Tickets,Venue,Date etc… please inbox in details . thank you.

  3. It sucks to know, when you are an Indian Hidden Kard and Kard themselves are in India but cause of the huge distance between the fans of south and north they can’t visit them at their concert, If there can be one more concert please make it happen in Mumbai, cause mumbai got both fans, money and plus avenues.

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