M.O.N.T Answers Indian Fans’ Questions In The New Segment – TAKE 5 | KHigh Studios

TAKE 5 with M.O.N.T

For those who don’t know, we have our own YouTube channel called KHigh Studios!

We are starting a new segment called TAKE 5 where your favourite K-Pop artists will answer 5 lucky fans’ questions.

We are so grateful and thrilled to announce that the first guest is none other than the artist that gave sold out concerts and fanmeets in India *dududududuudu* M.O.N.T ! Special thanks to FM Entertainment for giving us the opportunity and to artists for taking their time out in such hectic schedule.

Jump right into it people 😀

10 thoughts on “M.O.N.T Answers Indian Fans’ Questions In The New Segment – TAKE 5 | KHigh Studios

  1. We miss you so much and I’m so happy for you guys come and visit Nagaland again…… Saranghae ❤️wish you best for your future lots love from Likivi Can you please sing a song for me and say we love you Likivi

  2. Manipur mints love you so much. We will be waiting for you always. We will never forget you ❤️

  3. I won’t write anything rather than I miss you guys I wanna see you soon in Manipur like before and this time we want fansign too… jincha jincha jincha bogosipeo. Please stay healthy eat lots of delicious and healthy foods. NUNGSHIYE

  4. Though i couldn’t meet you(mont) in person like the others i was satisfied to see you(mont) enjoy and had fun in our land.
    Hope to see you (mont) with lots of rewards in the future.
    Fighting from nagaland mint
    Kristen neikha

  5. Let’s meet at Mumbai .What kind of food did they love in India? That’s my questionand what makes India attractive to them?I hope to meet them soon

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