K-POP Contest 2019 – A Guide

KPOP Contest 2019

Yes, it’s finally upon us. The mega event every K fan waits patiently (impatiently) in India. An event that allows them to showcase their talent with a K twist. Boys and girls the K-POP contest 2019 is here!

Korean culture centre India in association with LG has announced details like cities for regional round, admins, deadlines etc. and we’re here to keep your cups full! How about a flashback of K-POP contest 2018 with SNUPER as judges and the first lady of Korea the special guest… we’ll wait.


Hey You’re back! Grab a seat as we break it down to you, every little detail of K-Pop Contest 2019 we know so far.

On February 27th KCCI released a request for proposal to hold regional auditions, the proposal was open for certain cities. A team of 5 members and more could send across their event flow with proper bifurcation of finance, if selected the KCCI gives a support of Rs 1 Lakh to the organising team. The increment in budget is possible if the proposed event flow is top notch.

KCCI has released the result of cities and organising committees where the regional rounds will be held.

Down below is the list of finalised “Cities – Organising committee” with links. So take a quick scan spot your region and voila!; You can connect with your regional admins!

Best wishes to all the teams from KHigh.


But let’s not get ahead of our selves, before the regional rounds comes the online one.


All images courtesy of KCCI.


*Cue robot voice* Congratulations you are now rebooted!

What are you waiting for? Strap on your dancing heels,  gargle that throat coz y’all are gonna kill the stage and WE JUST AREN’T READY


9 thoughts on “K-POP Contest 2019 – A Guide

  1. Can we take part in the contest even if we do not live in the regional admins? And is it compulsory that a group song needs to be performed by a group?

  2. Hello today is the last date of uploading. Unfortunately I wasn’t aware of the last date of registration can anybody here help me out? I’m a vocalist.

  3. Till 2018, Nagaland was also included but is it just me or I don’t see the state of Nagaland? If that’s so does that mean the people from Nagaland will not be able to represent from Nagaland??

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