Indian ARMY trend on SNS to celebrate BTS’ Kim Taehyung’s birthday.

As time goes on, we often find ourselves being less enthusiastic about our birthdays. At least, that is the case for me – I definitely don’t like getting old 🙁 BUT, on the contrary, year after year the enthusiasm in the K-POP community to celebrate their favorite idol’s birthday simply keeps getting bigger and bigger! Today ( 30 – December – 2018 ) is the birthday of BTS member V (Kim Taehyung) and Indian ARMY aren’t shying away from showering their love in the digital media. It only took minutes for #WE_PURPLE_V, #SingulariTaeDay, #OurMultiTalentedTaehyung, #TaehyungMayYouShineBright to trend on twitter.

At the same time, “Kim Taehyung” and “Taetae” were the most talked about keywords on twitter! I don’t remember any celebrity, let alone a Korean singer, causing this kind of a social media impact and we at KHigh are loving this! I mean, at the time of writing there was over 300,000 tweets ( and still counting)!

Have you joined the tweet party yet?

Oh! by the way, if you are wondering how cool it would be to celebrate the birthday with fellow ARMY – we got it covered for you! Check out our “Upcoming Events” section for more info.

Taehyung trend

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